The Great Birmingham Trombone Company

On 2nd November 2015 I had the pleasure to deputise on piano with a great jazz group called The Great Birmingham Trombone Company. The group is modelled after Bobby Knight’s Great American Trombone Company, a pioneering ensemble of 5 trombones and rhythm section playing hard swinging jazz charts and sounding like a miniature big band – a really exciting sound. Little did I know when taking the gig that I was stepping into the shoes of a giant – John Patrick, one of the UKs leading jazz musicians, accomplished composer, bandleader and former Chairman of The British Musician’s Union. For those who were around in the 80s John Patrick is the composer of the theme tune for the long-running darts quiz show Bullseye. So I was a little nervous when rehearsing with the group for the first time! It was a lot of fun though and I hope I’ll be lucky enough to play with this group again in the future. Read about the amazing career of John Patrick here:


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Pianist, accompanist, sometime composer and arranger, Yogi, cyclist, Swedish learner.
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