Call Mr Robeson, September 2016

1st September. In August while at the Edinburgh Festival with Dr Ahmed I met a charming, well-spoken gentleman by the name of Tayo Aluko in the dressing room. Talking to him I quickly realised here was a really special performer. Later in the week I went to see one of his one-man shows – Call Mr Robeson. A dramatised account of the life of Paul Robeson, the famous actor, singer and civil rights campaigner, this was a brilliantly written and produced play, delivered with powerful dignity and wonderful singing by Tayo. The production included background music and song accompaniment by a pianist. Little did I know watching the production that I would be performing that role myself only a couple of weeks later! Having swapped numbers Tayo called me with only a couple of days notice due to a pianist being indisposed and there I was myself playing the show to a wonderfully appreciative audience in LLandinam, Wales. It really was a privilege to work with such a committed performed with such a powerful and highly relevant message in today’s political climate.


About iainjacksonpiano

Pianist, accompanist, sometime composer and arranger, Yogi, cyclist, Swedish learner.
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