City of Birmingham Brass Band, Whit Friday Marches, 9th June 2017

My first experience of the quintessential brass band experience that is The Whit Friday Brass Band Contests. Around a hundred brass bands competed this year in twenty different contests at venues scattered around the moorland villages and towns on the western edge of the Pennines. It was quite an extraordinary spectacle to see so many brass bands in the same place! The ingenuity and organisational flair to pull this off in these locations is incredible I think. Highlights included performing in a courtyard to an adjudicator behind a kitchen door, and (my favourite) the contest venue being an open field with the adjudicator listening from inside a blacked-out caravan. It was quite an amazing day. Our band was somewhat irregular, due to member availability we ended up with 6 trombones and only 1 euphonium but we had a great time.

You can find out more about the Whit Friday Contests here.


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Pianist, accompanist, sometime composer and arranger, Yogi, cyclist, Swedish learner.
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